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Building Wealth Through Real Estate

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Paperback and Audio Book

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"It is my mission to teach, educate, and help first time home buyers accomplish their 'American dream' and show them how to build wealth through real estate!"

If you are considering buying your first home or are already a homeowner looking to make the most out of your investment, this short book is a priceless step-by-step guide to achieve success.

Barry helped us refinance, pay off debt, and get rid of pesky mortgage insurance. He gave us step-by-step instructions and we followed that plan. In a few short months, we were debt free except for our mortgage payment! A massive burden was lifted from us, and we could begin to dream about the future and possibilities!

 - Nicole Horsch, client

What I love about this short book, is that it not only gives you the precise information you need to start actually building your own wealth (without waiting on someone else's permission) but it also gives you a hunger to do so! After reading this book, I am convinced I will also be hiring Barry to service any of my loan needs in the future. 

- Joanna Sanders, soon-to-be-client

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